Leader of the Netherworld Uesugi Army, possessor of Takaya Ougi. He was born as the youngest son of Ujiyasu Hojo with seven elder brothers, who were said to represent the seven stars of the big dipper, which resulted in his nickname, "The Unlucky Star of Hojo." He was sent as a hostage to Shingen Takeda when he was young, only to be adopted by Genan Hojo when he returned and sent as a hostage to Kenshin Uesugi as a peace offering during the war, which is how he ended up being adopted as Kenshin's son. Lost a battle against Kenshin's other adopted son, Kagekatsu, over succession, after which he committed ritual suicide at the age of 26. It was then when he was entrusted with a mission by his father, Kenshin: command the Uesugi's forces in the Netherworld Army. As a result, he has existed for upward of 400 years, exorcising spirits and commanding the Uesugi.

He was also nearly killed in a battle with Oda in front of his protector Naoe Nabutsuna, and Minako, the woman he loved, 30 years before the start of the series. Naoe barely managed to save him by transfering his soul to Minako's body at the last second. This act only served to further infuriate Kagetora, and he commited suicide immediately after. In his next body, he then appeared as Takaya Ougi, but it was discovered that he had sealed off his memories. He had no knowledge of ever being Kagetora Uesugi.