"I'm your dog. Your mad dog!"

"I will swear to my love was... eternal."

"I put true shackles on your heart. Shackles with a name as me. It never comes off."

"There would be people take pity on the man who must endure. But I don't think that's always...... miserable."

"I hold you in the five billion boddies!"

Possessor of Yoshiaki Tachibana. Kagetora's loyal vassal, guardian, and once best friend. Son of Naoe Yamatonokai Sanetsuna. He fought on Lord Kagekatsu's side during his original lifetime, and was recruited to the Uesugi's netherworld army after his death. There he was given a mission by Kenshin Uesugi: protect his son, Kagetora, who was to be leader of the netherworld forces. Naoe accepted, and ended up falling in love with his lord in the process of fulfilling these conditions. He still loves Kagetora to this day, even though he now serves as a mentor as well as the guardian of Kagetora's current vessel, Takaya Ougi. He has been in love with his master for near 400 years, although until he was driven mad by jealousy, he kept that fact to himself.